Use Cases

This is how our clients use DebugMe


Have clients show you what they like!

Creating briefing documents is painful and time consuming. Sometimes it is just easier to have clients show you what they like! Using our browser plugin they can mark up any elements of websites they like or comment on features.

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Engage your client for upfront clarifications before development starts

a) Improve your wireframes & mock-ups by getting meaningful feedback, contextually
b) Do you use Photoshop for mock-ups? Submitting your work is a breeze!

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Everyone has an opinion - collect feedback to make your design pixel perfect!

a) Use us for getting your customers preferences!
b) Collect input on your design!

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Eliminate misunderstandings and cut time spent on resolving bugs

a) We are sure you experienced...
b) Bridge the communication gap between clients and developers
c) No need to ask for browser version, or screen resolution
d) Our code capture helps to get to the core of the problem fast

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Streamline the daily maintenance of a website and retain your clients

In our view, a website is never really done – there will always be changes. Would you agree? No matter if you have an inhouse dev team or an agency working for you - DebugMe helps to keep your website up to date!
a) Removing outdated content
b) Correcting errors
c) Tweaking things.

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