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My integration does not work

Please check:

  • Does your user account in the other system have sufficient rights to create an integration?
  • Can you log in to the system you would like to integrate? (e.g. sometimes Jira deactivates users if you have not logged in for a while)
  • Do you have an existing project in the system you try to integrate? If not, please create one and try to integrate your tool with DebugMe again.
  • Are you using the right credentials? E.g. you can log into Jira with your email, but to integrate Jira with DebugMe you need your username. Which may or may not be the same as your email address. First Jira users are created in Jira with username “admin” by default.

The toolbar is not visible:

Please check:

  • Are you logged in to debugme.eu? (maybe you deleted your cookies, thus automatically got logged out of DebugMe)
  • Is your acccount/user in an active state?
  • You may have a js error in your page, caused by other javascripts then DebugMe. Check your console info, or contact support@debugme.eu to help you.
  • Are you using an ad blocker plugin? DebugMe works together with most of them, but some ad blockers may cause issues. Please contact us.
  • Is your project URL correct? Http vs https, or http://yoursite.com vs http://www.yoursite.com may cause issues.
  • Is the DebugMe script placed correctly in your code? DebugMe works best if you add our javascript between the and tags Putting it before the should also work. Just make sure you add it to the part of the code that is available on all pages on your domain, so the toolbar can always render correctly:

The task is not sent

Please check:

  • If you are using an integrated project, have perhaps your credentials (login/pwd) in the other system changed, deleted or expired? Try to log in to the system you are trying to integrate and see if your credentials are working.
  • In case you are using a hosted version of your favourite PM or task management tool: Is the server accessible from outside? Do you have firewall settings that prevent DebugMe to work on your site?

Can not invite a user, or user does not get the invite

Please check:

  • Have you entered the email address correctly?
  • Does your invitation get into a spam or promotion folder? (invites are sent from a DebugMe email address)

Does the DebugMe widget slow down my site?

If you implemented our Google Chrome feedback widget, there is no code in your site, so it won’t. If you implemented the JavaScript version of DebugMe then you don’t have to worry either: the snippet is loaded asynchronously (like Google Analytics) - It does not impact page loading and rendering times.

Which browsers are supported?

We are supporting all major browsers with the JavaScript version, both desktop and mobile.

Does DebugMe work in local development environments?

Yes, it does - both with the JavaScript version and the Google Chrome feedback widget. If you experience issues, that is probably related to your firewall or proxy settings (maybe our IP range is disabled in your proxy).

What is the maximum supported screen resolution?

DebugMe supports screen resolutions up to 4K high definition, which results in 3840x2160 pixels for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. If the screen size exceeds the corresponding maximum screen resolution, your image will be cropped. If you need larger screens for your web project, please contact us, we are happy to find a custom solution for you.

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