Migrating tasks from your existing system to DebugMe

Do you have any project management or ticketing system you already use? If yes, you have 2 options: integrate DebugMe with your tool, or move over completely to DebugMe and manage your tasks here.

If you would like to migrate your tasks you can create your own json file in the format below, or send us a sample format of your export and let us help you with importing them. In this case, contact us.

Here is the sample code for the json:

"priority_id" : "Priority weight"
"tags" : "tag1, tag2, tag3"
"created_at" : "2016-01-25 15:48:27"
"description" : "The task description..."
"requester_email" : "requester email address"
"os" : "Operation system name or NULL"
"browser" : "Browser name or NULL"
"browser_size" : "Browser size or NULL"
"resolution" : "Screen resolution or NULL"
"attachments" : "attachmentUrl1, attachmentUrlN"
"comments" : "Example User 2016-01-28 12:27:20 UTC: \"Comment text 1\""
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