Invite your Team

We believe that the language of visuals is what everyone on your Team and all of your Clients, Users, Visitors understand. This is why we created DebugMe in the first place!

So, that being said - you should invite everyone to benefit from the power of visual collaboration!

You can invite your Team when setting up your account or when setting up a new project.

What kind of user roles exist?

We support Project Manager and Developer roles. You can read more about user roles here.

What happens when I invite a user?

The users you invite will recieve an email sent from DebugMe. (There has been cases when users did not find/recieve the invite. If your users don’t find the emails ask them to check in the Spam folder, or the Promotion tab in Gmail. If you still experience issues please contact DebugMe at support@debugme.eu) If you invited someone as a user, he will be requested to enter a username and a password. He as a user will be added to your account.

If you invited someone as a guest: guest users recieve a link with an email. When they click the email we place a cookie on their PC. You can set the validity of the cookie when inviting the guest - the default setting is 7 days. In case your guest deletes his cookies, he can either find back the email and click the link again, or you can resend him an invite.

Each first time visitor is presented with a small tutorial about the toolbar.

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