Implementing the visual feedback widget

In order to give visual feedback on a website or a web application, you need to implement the feedback widget. There are 2 distinct ways to do this:

Implement a browser plugin

When to choose the plugin?

This option will enable you the most accurate screenshot, and it does not require any developer to implement any code.

Currently, we only support Google Chrome plugin. Safari plugin will be added soon. If you would like to get notified about it please drop us an email to info@debugme.eu.

Firefox is not supported, due to their inflexible process of implementing plugins.

Download the Google Chrome plugin here

The plugin will then display on your browser's toolbar.

Note: the feedback widget will only display on URLs that you set up in a project. Read about setting up a project

Implement DebugMe with a JavaScript

When to choose the JavaScript implementation?

The benefit of the JavaScript implementation over the plugin is that this will work in all browsers. On the other hand, the JavaScript technology has some limitations: it won’t give an accurate screenshot on websites with non-standard coding practices. This accounts for approximately 5% of the websites.

You also need the JavaScript version if you would like to use our visitor feedback mode.

Implementing the JavaScript version

When you set up a new project, we will generate the code each time you need to implement. The code only differs in the project identifier, highlighted in the code below.

Here is an example code you will have to implement

<script type="text/javascript">
    (function (t, d) {
        var dbg = d.createElement("script");
        dbg.type = "text/javascript";
        dbg.src = "https://debugme.eu/App.js";
        dbg.onload = function () {
            Zednet.prototype.projectToken = t;
            var dbm = new Zednet();
    })("eosyxhts", document);

Does the JavaScript version slow down my page page?

No, absolutely not! Our JavaScript is built to run asynchronously, so it won’t impact your page load times.

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