How to integrate DebugMe with your tool

Connecting DebugMe with an Email Address

Send the captured feedback to any email address! You may add your Gmail address, but also any other email addresses. For example, you can configure your Slack email address here, too.

Technical Guides

When you choose an integration, DebugMe will automatically send the tickets to your existing tool.

DebugMe won’t save the tickets in its database, so if storing data in DebugMe would be of any concern to you - we got you covered! We only forward the captured ticket to the your tool. (As a result we won’t provide you with the kanban board for project that are integrated)

DebugMe however is able show custom fields from some of the tools, e.g. Jira and capture that information & send it on. So you can categorise, filter your tickets in your existing systems as before.

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