Manage your projects

During your trial period you can create up to 5 projects and add 10 users as well as create integrations. See packages & pricing for more details.

You can set up a project by clicking on the project dropdown and “create new project” at the bottom of your existing project list.

I can’t add a new project - what is the problem?

Chances are that you reached your project limits. Please check your subscription and upgrade your account. Otherwise contact us at support@debugme.eu.

Add a URL

DebugMe currently works for any URL. Be that a website, a web application. Each project has a URL, so please add a URL where you would like the DebugMe toolbar to appear. You can add a http:// or https:// URL as well, DebugMe can capture the visual feedback tickets from anywhere . DebugMe also works on local hosts or behind firewalls.

Choose a third party integration or the DebugMe Dashboard

You have 2 main options to work with the feedback that has been captured with the toolbar.

1.You can decide to set-up an integration. In this case, you can make sure to send the feedback to the tool you already use. We have a number of ways to integrate, read more about integrations.

2.If you don”t have a tool, or want to replace your existing task management tool & only pay for DebugMe you can also do that. DebugMe offers a Dashboard with a kanban board interface, where you can assign tasks, follow their status, use comments to collaborate with your team, search & filter to find tasks easily. Read more about the kanban board.

Customise your DebugMe Dashboard settings

In case you have chosen to work with the DebugMe Dashboard, you have a few options to customise it and fit it with your workflow.

Set the number of columns in the kanban board:

If you would like to use our DebugMe Dashboard but your workflow consists of more steps, you can add more columns to match the dashboard to your workflow.

You can also change the name of the columns to anything you like.

The default 3 columns: “backlog” “to do” and “done” are mandatory.

Note: this feature is only available for projects that use the DebugMe Dashboard, and not for projects using third party integrations.

Customise your priority settings:

You can go and customise your priority settings, add more levels or change the name of the fields. You can do this when setting up a new project, but you can also change this on existing projects.

Note: this feature is only available for projects that use the DebugMe Dashboard, and not for projects using third party integrations.

Embed the JavaScript code into your site, or web app

Once you have set up your project, you should implement the JavaScript code to be able to start giving feedback.

If you have already downloaded the feedback widget that will also work for your new project automatically. However we still advise you to implement the JavaScript code too. Read more about implementing the feedback widget.

Manage users on the project

You can select the users who participate in the project. Learn more about managing users.

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