Using the DebugMe Dashboard

While most of our users prefer to get DebugMe working together with their existing workflow - see our integrations - you may also decide to use the DebugMe Dashboard to manage your tasks. And you have a number of reasons to do so:

You get a kanban board, much similar to Trello or Kanbanize, for example. You can save money and stop using your existing tool and you have all your projects, tasks in one tool - not bad, right?

Note: If you set-up an integration, your tasks will not be visible on the DebugMe Dashboard, they will directly go into the system you integrated DebugMe with.

So lets see how the kanban based DebugMe Dashboard works!

1. Select the project you want to see tasks for

2. See and search for all your tasks on one board

3. Click on a task to see the task details

4. Add comments, sign-up for notifications, see history of the task

5. Manage status with a simple drag & drop

6. Create a new task from the kanban

You have a simple task you would like to create for your team members? You can also do that from within the kanban board.

Note: These tasks will only have a title and a description, will not involve a screenshot or technical details.

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