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Are you in doubt how to start? Let us walk you through!

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Signing up for DebugMe is very simple. Just provide us with your email address and check your mailbox and click on "verify my account" verify your account by clicking o you can use DebugMe immediately.

Once you confirmed your account you will get to project setup. Don't worry, this will be easy! Just click on the 'Projects' menu and select 'New Project'. After naming your project you can select from our project templates or customise the columns that show up on the Canban board, should you need it.

Time to set up the Toolbar! When you finish your project setup you will find a tracking code that we generated for you and is specific to the project. Please share that with your developer, or copy paste it into your website's metatag.

The toolbar

So how does the toolbar work? The essence of DebugMe is the simple, easy to use sidebar. The Pin helps you to mark a single point on the website where the bug (!) appears and comment the problem. (yes, the pins follow you on repsonsive pages, too!)

Use the Screen capture tool to highlight a part of the page and to send the attached a screenshot for your developers. Do you have sensitive content? No problem at all. You can black-out parts of the page, too! This is how you do it: The drawing tool gives you freedom to mark anyting, anywheree as you like.

The kanban

The bugs and feedback submitted through the sidebar - get automatically into the kanban board so you can handle the workflow.What's more is that we also help you to cut debugging time by at least 20%! We do that by capturing various things that Developers will need – such as browser versions used, code rendered on the page.

Magic! DebugMe allows you to choose how many steps you need, you can customise the Kanban to support your own workflow. You can invite your colleagues to the project and search or filter your tasks based on what you like. You can drag and drop your tasks between the the various steps.

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