How the magic happens

DebugMe is a visual feedback, bug tracking and project management solution which translates between developers, project managers, designers, testers and their clients.

Let’s see how it works!

Provide visual feedback, directly where the issue appears

The feedback toolbar enables you to report the issues right from your website. Just annotate the page as you would do on paper! Draw, highlight, black out areas or drop a pin.

Perfect environment
for small teams

Working together was never been easier. DebugMe Kanban board helps to keep developers, testers and project managers on the same page.

Use DebugMe
with other tools

Our tool is all about adding value to your development workflow. Use DebugMe to get the most out of JIRA, Trello, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker and other awesome solutions.

Do you want to try it?

Easy visual reports with the DebugMe toolbar

The DebugMe toolbar lets people send high quality feedback about the website you are developing. Making reports was never been easier.

The feedback toolbar enables you to report the issues right from your website or web application's user interface.

Just annotate the page as you would do on paper! Draw, highlight, black out areas or drop a pin and add your comments.

Check the submitted tasks on the toolbar

DebugMe provides a variety of toolbar functions (like drawing, highlighting or hiding elements) so you never get stuck thinking how it would be best to visualize a bug or an issue.

The submitted tasks can be checked right on the DebugMe toolbar filtered and based on their status. If they are marked as “Ready”, it is possible to directly accept them or reject if there is still something to do with them.

The accepted tasks will be archived on your Kanban board.

Receive all the technical details you need automagically

By now you probably have a pretty good idea about how the reporting with DebugMe works, but how is DebugMe different from the rest of the screenshot taking applications?

When you get feedback about the website you are working on, you really want to know technical details such as:

  • Operating system information
  • Browser version
  • Screen and viewport resolution
  • Used plugins
  • Javascript and cookie enablement

We are providing all of the above listed details with our top notch quality screenshots. Never get lost again in endless chains of emails. Never ask again for technical informations from your non-technical minded clients.

The best environment for small teams

DebugMe is not just a feedback tool, but a very handy solution for team collaboration.

You are able to invite your co-workers as team members to your projects to work together. Team members have access to the Kanban board and able to report issues and give feedback about a website.

You can also set roles to the team members such as „Admin”, “Developer” or “Project Manager”. Based on the different roles your team members will receive notifications about the tasks they created or where they are assigned to.

Connect DebugMe with your well established PM tools

Debugme integrates with other project management tools flawlessly, without long and complicated connecting processes or data loss. Get the most out of your current toolset by adding DebugMe to your developing and bug tracking cycle.

We have native integrations with the tools you can see here, but you can connect DebugMe with every single tool you need using Zapier.